About Paul McAllister


Paul McAllister is the Director of QED Business Development. The QED acronym is for the Latin term ‘Quod Erat Demonstrandum’ translated as ‘that which is proven’. Since its establishment in 2003, Paul has spent over 10,000 hours coaching and training professionals in business development with significant and tangible increases in revenue and growth.

He has worked with, coached and trained professionals for over 20 years - from hydrologists to M&A lawyers to tax accountants. He uses his experience to help clients create their best business development plan, and, most importantly, to execute it. He prides himself on instilling in his clients the confidence and skills to build and maintain a profitable, sustainable practice. He has been told by clients that they see him as a sounding board, a person with ideas, and someone who helps them 'get it done'.

He often he works with individuals that are in practice building mode, whether that be in early stage (rising stars) or mid-career.  He also works with management and account leaders and teams with specific goals in mind, e.g., to win a seat on a panel, to win a particular piece of business or to open up a new market once on the panel.