Examples of successful outcomes of QED coaching programs:

Accounting – Firm-wide initiative

  • Accounting firm with more than 25 directors and over 200 staff.

  • The firm recognised the need to increase go-to-market activity levels, to improve average level of senior staff capability in business development and support the growth objectives of management.

  • Achieved significantly heightened levels of activity based on greater confidence.

  • Fees rose from $18 million to $32 million over a two and a half year period.

Accounting – Middle market individual

  • Middle market business services partner who undertook six sessions in six months.

  • Adopted meeting planning and opportunity funnel tools. Improved win rate and focus (output rather than just input orientation).

  • Commented that stress was reduced as was now working to a business development plan that showed her where to spend her time.

  • Won $140,000 of new fees in the six months of the program as a result of adopting the process and tools provided.

Legal – Account management

  • Legal firm with more than 600 lawyers.

  • Firm recognised need to improve penetration of key accounts.

  • Account management program commenced with QED focusing on 12 accounts.

  • Between two and ten participants in each account team.

  • Six meetings held per account team on once per month basis.

  • $1.5m – $1.6m new fees won and $8m – $13m additional fees identified in first three months.

Legal – Firm-wide initiative

  • Legal firm with more than 20 partners and over 180 staff.

  • Between four to seven sessions per participant over nine months.

  • One-to-one sessions with 13 partners and 6 senior staff result in radical improvement in activity (growth from 62 to 100+ opportunities in 6 months).

  • Comments from partners include: "better culture", "senior staff have stepped up", "better at chipping away", "more proactive".

  • $2m new fees attributed to program and change in attitude in 9 months.

Engineering firm

QED is proud to have been associated with a major engineering firm in a business development coaching role during the period in which they were awarded multiple BRW Client Choice Awards between 2006 and 2011.